Fair Board

Fair Board

Fairboard 2023

Douglas County Fair Board

Welcome to the heart and soul behind the Douglas County Fair & Rodeo—the dedicated folks of the Douglas County Fair Board. As the driving force behind this annual event, our passionate group of volunteers is committed to creating an experience that blends rural heritage, agriculture, western sports, youth & adult exhibits, and quality entertainment. 

Throughout the year, the Douglas County Fair Board, in collaboration with the Fairgrounds Staff, works tirelessly to ensure that every aspect of the Fair & Rodeo is a success for the community. From marketing and sponsorships to 4-H support, livestock & horse shows, entertainment, and rodeo performances, they’ve got it covered. 

The fair board is made up of 6 committees: 

  • Entertainment: From the Attractions, Walk-Around and Musical Entertainment, this committee is all about keeping the Fair & Rodeo vibrant and fun.
  • Guest Services: Our unsung heroes! They oversee the volunteer program, ensuring that every smiling face you encounter, from information booth ambassadors to ticket takers, is there to make your fair experience unforgettable. 
  • Livestock Sale: Turning dreams into reality, this committee oversees the Junior Livestock Sale, where exhibitors, animals, and buyers come together. In 2023, the Livestock Sale reached an impressive total of over $600,000! 
  • Marketing: This committee takes charge of overall Fair & Rodeo marketing, Marketplace and manages sponsorship opportunities to keep the fair and rodeo growing. 
  • Rodeo: From Hometown Rodeo to Mutton Bustin’, PRCA events, Xtreme Bulls, Beyond the Dirt, and more—this committee ensures the rodeo experience is exciting. 
  • Show Management: Overseeing 4-H Shows, including Livestock, Horse, Dog, Cat, Llama, and General Projects, Open Class, Superintendents, Judges, and all competitive classes or shows—this committee ensures the fair is a showcase of talent and skill. 

2024 Fair Board

  • Dean Elliot, Fair Board Chair 
  • John Adams, Rodeo Chair, Director 
  • Pat Candelaria, Awards Committee Chair, Director 
  • Scott Candelaria, Vice Chair 
  • Sarah Fischer, Entertainment Chair, Director 
  • Jennifer Foss, Director 
  • Tom Harris, Director 
  • Wes Jacobs, Platinum Director, Treasurer 
  • Debbie Mills, Marketing Committee Chair, Director 
  • Dr. Phil Riesselman, Livestock Sale Chair, Platinum Director 
  • Gabe Ryan, Director 
  • Pat Salazar, Director
  • Hayden Schmidt, Show Management Chair, Director 
  • Pam Spradlin, Director 
  • Lora Talbert, Admin Committee, Director 
  • Rob Tkach, Secretary, Director 
  • Gary Turner, Guest Services Chair, Director 
  • Lisa Turner, Director 

Associate Members

  • Ben Alderton 
  • Nick Candelaria 
  • Matt Coyle 
  • Deb Diley
  • Josiah Fredericks 
  • John Holst 
  • James Jamison
  • Ryan Kennedy
  • Chayce Lutz 
  • Scott McHenry 
  • Kyle Moore 
  • Patti Russell 
  • Dick Sabulsky 
  • Jean Sabulsky
  • Lori Sorenson
  • Ted Sorenson
  • Chris Spyke 
  • Monica Wilson
  • Kate Wormington

Interested in becoming a part of this incredible team? The Douglas County Fair Board is appointed by the Board of Douglas County Commissioners to bring the annual Fair & Rodeo to life. If you’re ready to join us in making magic happen, apply here!  

View Fair Board Meeting Agendas and Minutes Here